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The WellShield Groundwater Protection System cleans your well to provide you with the cleanest, safest water possible.
Reynolds' Nursery

For James and Marie Reynolds, managing their nursery is a 7 day-a-week task year round. Plants don’t take weekends off. They need to be watered often, especially in warm weather. Just watering their stock was becoming more and more frustrating for the Reynolds. In 2005, James had a well drilled to provide the daily water required to keep his plant stock healthy. But over the course of a year, he often found himself repeatedly changing sprinkler heads across his nursery as they became clogged and inoperable. The water was discolored and the pressure was decreasing. His work days were getting longer. Watering was consuming the time he needed to cultivate and prepare his plants for sale.
Then Marie noticed the foliage had developed a bluish film with dark spots on it. James assumed that some pest was to blame, and he began to treat the plants for a suspected infestation. Meanwhile, he continued replacing sprinkler heads. In the heat of the summer, other needed work had to be delayed to keep the water flowing.
            One Sunday, James mentioned his water problems to a friend at church. Ron Berry immediately suspected the dirty well as the cause of the discoloration and clogged sprinkler heads. Dirty wells clog, stain and produce odors in irrigation systems and household pipes. Traditional treatment methods work temporarily. Ron knew that the problem had to be fixed at the source – in the well casing.
            Ron had begun selling a new well water treatment system. He recommended the WellShield system to James and Marie.
            James installed the WellShield himself. Within days clear, clean water was flowing from the well. The film on the leaves of his plants disappeared.
            When James stopped ordering misters and emitters for his sprinklers, his supplier called to ask what was wrong. James and Marie are now free to focus their time and money on growing plants, not repairing the irrigation system. The water has no odor or bad taste. They no longer apply unnecessary pest treatments. The plants are healthy and attractive; and sales are up. James and Marie’s plants are being utilized in commercial settings by landscapers who had previously not bought from them. One landscaper said, “I wondered what had happened at Reynolds’ Nursery. The whole place looks so good.”
            The WellShield product line prevents odors, staining and clogging caused by dirty wells. Use of the system will restore efficient operation to plumbing systems. It reduces cleaning time in the home and maintains plumbing and irrigation infrastructure.
            For more information on how WellShield can solve your water problems, contact Berry Systems at 803-408-6730. Berry Systems is located at 926 Carolina Drive in the Jones Hill Business Park in Lugoff, South Carolina 29078.

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