Everyone deserves clean water.
That's our commitment to you.
The WellShield Groundwater Protection System cleans your well to provide you with the cleanest, safest water possible.

Well Guard

The Most Effective Method to Clean a Well is Well Guard

Well Guard is a well cleaning aid which is tested and certified by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™, to ANSI Standard 60. Well Guard is used to clean potable water wells which may have clogging resulting in odors, discolored water, and staining.

  • The WellShield System dispenses Well Guard, a well cleaner, into the well water, oxidizing the water column inside the well. This reduces the need for above ground water cleaning systems.
  • A clean water well prevents damage to associated equipment such as well pumps, water filtration peripherals, irrigation systems, and household appliances.
  • The WellShield System removes clogs preventing odors such as hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • The WellShield System also enhances filter performance by preventing clogs.

Well Guard Benefits

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as a well cleaning aid
  • Automatic daily cleaning of well with minimal chemical usage
  • Oxidizes the well
  • Controls discoloration in wells and water tanks
  • Eliminates clogging and blockages in pipes, pumps, micro irrigation lines, filters and softeners
  • Prevents odors caused by clogging materials

Well Guard is NSF certified as a well cleaning aid for potable water wells.

General Information

Most well water looks great when the driller leaves. However, rust-colored deposits and clogs can build up on well screens, pipes, and plumbing fixtures resulting in odors, stained surfaces, and clogged plumbing or irrigation systems. Layers of insoluble iron block screens and pipes, reducing well yields and water pressure. Traditional cleaning methods work temporarily until clogged. The key to clean water is fixing the problem at the source, in the well. The WellShield system is unique in this approach. Well Guard is NSF certified as a well cleaning aid for potable water wells.

The number one reason for loss of production and abandonment of groundwater wells is clogging. Well Guard attacks these clogs and protects your well and everything the water touches from clogging, smelling, staining, and odors. Well Guard is the only chemical approved for use in the WellShield system.

The WellShield System is the most effective system for cleaning a well. The system runtime is dependent upon the well construction and the level of clogging in the well. A clogged well will deposit debris and ferric hydroxides in the well proper, the pump, the riser, the supply line, and into the plumbing in the residence or irrigation system in an amount directly proportional to the level of clogging. When the clogging in the well begins to be broken up, these particles will come loose and migrate downstream. Be aware of the resulting debris and protect any peripheral water filtration devices you may have accordingly.

Get pristine water from your well!


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