Everyone deserves clean water. That's our commitment to you. The Bioshield Groundwater Protection System eliminates biofilm forming iron related bacteria in the well to provide you with the cleanest, safest water possible.

BioShield GWP

BioShield product line is a treatment system for control of iron and sulfate reducing bacteria in water wells and associated equipment.

BioShield eliminates iron and sulfate reducing bacteria problems in water wells preventing damage to associated equipment such as water treatment peripherals, irrigation systems and household appliances.

BioShield prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas by eliminating sulfate reducing bacteria.

BioShield also enhances filter performance by preventing bacterial deposits of organic compounds and mineral hydroxides.


BioShield Benfits

  • Controls bacteria in wells and water tanks
  • Eliminates clogging and blockages caused by iron bacteria in pipes, pumps, micro irrigation lines, filters and softeners
  • Prevents odors caused by iron and sulfate bacteria in wells
  • Simple, low-cost, and maintenance free
  • Available in a broad range of sizes— residential, agricultural, industrial and municipal
  • Replaces manual chlorine disinfection routines
  • Easy to refill
  • Maintain sanitary well environments
  • Increase Yields and Profits
  • Reduces organic carbon thereby reducing chlorine demand in finished waters and lowering disinfection byproducts
  • Reduces biofilm in distribution
  • Minimal chemical usage for low ongoing cost of operation

The Ultimate Solution

BioShield GWPThe BioShield GWP product line is industrial grade. Designed for a broad spectrum of applications ranging from residential installations to agriculture and water supply wells, the installation package consists of an industrial grade erosion feeder, 1” or 1-1/2” electrically operated true union ball valve, a Class 2 UL Listed 24 volt power supply, and a digital timer with excellent programming flexibility. The valve operator, power supply and timer are encased in NEMA 4 housings. PLC controlled systems are available for unique applications. Contact Berry Systems, Inc. for further details.

BioShield Treatment Method

Sessile organisms residing within biofilm possess a number of advantages over their free-swimming or planktonic counterparts, including increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as shocking and antibacterial agents. Biofilm development causes significant problems in the areas of public health, medicine, and industry. Accordingly, there has been a great deal of research to better understand biofilm development and to identify improved strategies for biofouling control.

Recent work in this area has focused on the role of cell-to-cell signaling within biofilm populations. It is now believed that many different types of bacteria are able to produce and respond to various hormone-like signal molecules. A particular subset of these molecules have been shown to be involved in biofilm formation and dispersal. Once the bacteria are dispersed into the bulk fluid, they are easily eliminated by the sanitizer.

Environmental Impact of Biofouling
Precious groundwater resources must be managed and protected by implementing strategies to ensure groundwater quantity, such as well yields, and groundwater quality with respect to bacteriological impacts. The number one reason for loss of production and abandonment of groundwater wells is biofouling, and the primary agent of biofouling is iron bacteria. Improper well abandonment and drilling of additional wells to avoid iron bacteria is not the solution; furthermore, it adds to the problem by creating environments for additional bacterial contamination. The solution is to maintain the well biologically by controlling the bacteria in an ongoing method. BioShield treats the well once per 12 to 24 hours with a minimum of chemical intervention 1 to 3 ppm in the well proper.

For new wells we recommend the installation of a BioShield Dispenser to maintain a sanitary well environment to protect the well from the effects of biofouling. For existing wells which have become biofouled, we recommend rehabilitation of the well with NSF certified products designed for this purpose followed by the installation of a BioShield Dispenser to prevent the inevitable recurrence of biofouling. For your clients with submersible pumps who have experienced a loss of flow and pressure due to iron bacteria but cannot afford well rehabilitation, the installation of the BioShield Dispenser will restore the well by dispersing and removing the buildup in the well, pump and distribution lines over a period of one to three weeks.

Protect your clients’ groundwater assets: recommend the BioShield Dispenser to keep the water flowing and free of nuisance, opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria.

Agriculture, Industry, Supply, Private, Irrigation Systems

BioShield is the ultimate solution for eliminating clogging, blockages and slime in pipes, pumps and micro irrigation lines. BioShield prevents clogging, odor, and chemical resistant staining caused by iron and sulfate bacteria in wells. Well water is contaminated by a variety of naturally occurring bacteria which utilize the minerals in the water. BioShield eliminates the bacteria and the biofouling they cause. Elimination of these biofouling bacteria in the well is unique to the BioShield product line. This revolutionary approach distinguishes the BioShield product line from many products which treat the water after it has exited the well. Get pristine water from your well.

For agriculture, no product keeps the water flowing like the BioShield Dispenser. Poultry and livestock will not consume adequate quantities of water for efficient feed conversion if that water is unpleasant. Deliver pristine water for maximum consumption and feed conversion for increased yields and profits for your agricultural clients.

For overhead and micro-irrigation clients, keep the water flowing with a BioShield Dispenser. Plant foliage will respond favorably as cleaner water prevents the blue sheen and dark spots which are caused by overhead irrigation with biofouled water. Micro-irrigation components will not clog, resulting in more efficient irrigation. For clients who are irrigating landscape plantings, the BioShield Dispenser will prevent bacterial chemical resistant staining of surfaces such as walkways and decorative lighting and fencing. Because the chemical intervention is minimal, so is the ongoing cost of treatment. Whether they are located on golf courses or the common and commercial areas of residential subdivisions, the people enjoying these beautifully landscaped areas will not detect any unpleasant odor as the irrigation system is working.

Industrial monitoring wells can hardly serve the purpose for which they were designed and installed if they are biofouled. Maintain this asset with the addition of an appropriately sized BioShield Dispenser.

For municipalities, which are looking at doubling their cost of treatment as they abandon their groundwater assets for surface water, the BioShield Dispenser can provide a revenue return like no product on the market. Additional benefits include reduction of organic carbon thereby reducing chlorine demand in finished waters and lowering disinfection byproducts. The BioShield Dispenser also reduces biofilm in the distribution system.

Agriculture, industry, or municipal applications – anything water touches can benefit from the installation of a BioShield Dispenser.

Installation Diagram

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BioShield BAC

Installation Diagram

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BioShield BAC

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