Everyone deserves clean water.
That's our commitment to you.
The WellShield Groundwater Protection System cleans your well to provide you with the cleanest, safest water possible.

WellShield versus Pellet Chlorinators
The typical pellet chlorinator is capable of injecting 5600 mg of chlorine per minute into your well or storage tank. Every time your pump starts up the chlorinator injects pellets. Some manufacturers of pellet Chlorinators actually recommend 19.0 mg/L chlorine for cleaning iron, sulfur, and manganese. The typical municipal water supply carries a 0.2 to 0.5 mg/L residual. High concentrations of chlorine precipitate solids out into the well sump making water quality problems worse, and the high concentrations cause equipment to corrode and fail. Well and pump contractors are aware of these problems with pellet chlorinators. Many groundwater professionals will not install pellet chlorinators. Conversely, WellShield cleans the well once per 12 hours at less than 3 mg/L! This matches the NSF certified cleaning level for HaloSan that is protective of public health and is effective in cleaning the well.
What does all of this mean for your family?
For the average 4 member household using 168 gallons of water per person per day, a pellet chlorinator will inject a manufacturer recommended 48,332 mg of chlorine into your well or storage tank daily for the cleaning of iron, sulfur and manganese.
WellShield achieves daily well cleaning with the minimum of chemical intervention:
Family of Four Pellet Chlorinator WellShield
4" Diameter Well 6" Diameter Well
Water usage
168 gallons  Unlimited Unlimited
Chemical Dosage 19.0 mg/L 1 mg/L 3 mg/L 1 mg/L 3 mg/L
mg/Day 48,332 411 1234 2780 8340
Pounds per Year 39 <1 1 2.2 6.7

Notice the chemical exposure on the 4" well is 100 times higher for the pellet chlorinator than for WellShield!

For purposes of calculation the following were assumed:
high concentrations of iron, sulfur and manganese
4" well is 100' deep with 20' static water level
6" well is 350' deep with 100' static water level
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