Discolored water is an indication of iron related bacteria. Berry Systems, Inc. provides many solutions to eliminate iron related bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria in groundwater wells. Learn more...


Poultry and livestock deserve clean water, too!


Everyone deserves clean water. That's our commitment to you. The Bioshield Groundwater Protection System eliminates biofilm forming iron related bacteria in the well to provide you with the cleanest, safest water possible.

Learn more about the science behind Bioshield.

Boy Thats Good Water!!


The Ultimate Solution for Elimination of Iron, Manganese and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in Groundwater Wells!


This is NOT a Pellet Chlorinator!


Water treatment experts - Eliminate iron bacteria in the well to achieve optimal dependability and performance from other water treatment devices such as water softeners, iron filters, and carbon filters.

Eliminates hydrogen sulfide at the source by killing sulfate related bacteria.


Microbial colony on pump intake courtesy of Dr. Paul Vendrell of the University of Georgia.

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